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Justin T. Cross, CEO
Justin T. Cross, CEO
Justin brings a gift for details coupled with a love for movies to the team. He comes from a storied family heritage and is of Native American (Saponi, Cherokee and Sioux), European and African decent. He was born and raised in rural central Michigan and is a tribal member of the Midwest Saponi Nation of Ohio.

Upon graduating from high school, Justin was drawn in two very different directions: become an Architect or "help people." He chose the latter and thus has spent his entire adult life dedicated in service to others. Now with twenty years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician-Specialist, sixteen years as a certified Firefighter, fourteen years as a Reserve Police Officer, six years as an Orthopedic Technician-Surgical Assistant, and two years as a Medical Examiner Death Investigator--he has a wealth of real life experience to draw upon in bringing technical authenticity to many of the Company works.

Justin received his training and certification in the Movie Industry from Dov Simens of the Hollywood Film Institute as a Feature Film Producer and Independent Filmmaker/Cinema Director.
Naomi E. Bigelow, President
Naomi E. Bigelow, President
Naomi is a published novelist who expanded her interests to screenwriting and filmmaking. With a career path that includes acute-care and obstetrical nursing as well as office positions within the law enforcement and medicolegal arenas, Naomi finds a wealth of inspiration for characters and stories in real life.

Balancing the responsibilities of family with career and creative pursuits, she also enjoys a wide variety of interests and has found friends in many cultures and regions. This variety is helpful in creating stories to appeal to an equally wide audience base.
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